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January Housing Market Update

January Stats 216 total sales down 40% from 2018 of 363 787 New Listings taken. 2,736 total listings (up 23%). 80 Residential Home sales (down 44%), 282 new listings (up 12%) with the current inventory at 807. On average spending 77 days on the market. 60 Apartment Condo sales (down 45%), 180 new listings (up 23%) with the current inventory at 478. On average spending 78 days on the market. 33 Townhouse Sales (down 10%), 122 new listings (up 60%) with a current inventory of 335. On average spending 86 days on the market. Speculation Tax I had the privilege to listen to Zach Pashley with Pushor Mitchell speak regarding the speculation tax. Here are some highlights from his presentation Tax,


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