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About Kelowna Real Estate

The Kelowna real estate market represents the increasing demand for stunning homes in one of British Columbia's most exciting cities. Kelowna is among Canada's faster growing cities and is home to a prosperous economy, a vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes that perfectly embody the beauty of the coveted Okanagan region. As young homebuyers, career-hungry professionals, and adventurous retirees seek high-quality properties outside of the expensive Vancouver market, thriving mid-size cities like Kelowna are in high demand. As a result, the Kelowna real estate landscape is expanding to include a wealth of diverse residential options. View all Kelowna real estate listings below, or continue reading about Kelowna homes for sale and the exciting lifestyle that awaits.

High Quality Living With Kelowna Homes For Sale

Kelowna homes for sale provide an exciting look at what's going on in this hot market. The market is still home to the beautiful and high-quality family homes that have long made it a beloved place to live. However, the city's recent rapid growth has diversified its real estate options significantly, prompting development of many amazing contemporary residences, from massive upmarket manors to trendy townhomes and ultra-efficient micro-condos.

Although Kelowna has seen an overall trend of growth and increased real estate development in recent years, there is still some fluctuation. That being said, the present is a great time to purchase if you're considering living in this flourishing city. The continued arrival of homebuyers relocating from Vancouver and Alberta, along with a boost in the city's younger population, simply highlight the soaring demand for Kelowna real estate.

Right now on the market, prospective buyers will encounter a rich variety of property types including classic suburban homes, avant-garde custom designer residences, high-rise condo units, ranchers, luxury homes, and mobile homes. There is truly something for everyone in Kelowna. By the end of 2017, the median price of a two-story home in the city was approximately $720,000. The median price for a bungalow fell in the mid-$600,000s, while the median condo price was just over $412,000. As demand continues to permeate the region, it's likely that home values in and near Kelowna will continue to rise, making properties here exceptional financial and lifestyle investments.

Kelowna Neighbourhoods

Within Kelowna, you'll find a diverse mix of neighbourhoods, although all the communities boast high-quality homes and a safe, clean environment. Among the areas with the highest concentration of new construction homes are the Glenmore and North Glenmore communities. This exciting part of the city is also homes to many new townhomes and it's close to Knox Mountain Park and other forested areas that are great for hiking.

If you prefer a more established neighbourhood with some of the most affordable homes in the city, Rutland might be your best bet, especially if you'd like to be close to the businesses on Highway 33. Conversely, if you're looking for a luxury home with a stunning view of Okanagan Lake, check out the gorgeous homes in Upper Mission

Black Mountain & Joe Rich

View Black Mountain & Joe Rich DetailsAll Listings in Black Mountain & Joe Rich

Dilworth Mountain is an upscale collection of communities spread across a hillside north of the city...


View Dilworth DetailsAll Listings in Dilworth

Pretty and dynamic, Downtown Kelowna remains the heart of the city. A recent boost in development here has rejuvenated the cultural, business,...

Downtown Kelowna

View Downtown Kelowna DetailsAll Listings in Downtown Kelowna

The community of Glenmore is located on the north side of Kelowna, just past the downtown core. Convenient to schools, restaurants and shops,...


View Glenmore DetailsAll Listings in Glenmore

Beautiful and central, Kelowna South showcases a variety of stylish heritage homes, condos and townhomes, and lakefront...

Kelowna South

View Kelowna South DetailsAll Listings in Kelowna South

Located in the heart of the Upper Mission, the charming Kettle Valley community harkens back to an older era, with colourful houses built around a central commercial and recreational area....

Kettle Valley

View Kettle Valley DetailsAll Listings in Kettle Valley

Lake Country lies just north of Kelowna, surrounded by three stunning lakes, evergreen forests, and small areas of agricultural...

Lake Country

View Lake Country DetailsAll Listings in Lake Country

Located on the south side of Kelowna, the Lower Mission is convenient the lake, downtown, and all that Kelowna has to offer. Strong schools, beautiful...

Lower Mission

View Lower Mission DetailsAll Listings in Lower Mission

North Glenmore lies just a few minutes north of the city centre, and is comprised of lakeshore estates, farms and orchards, established single-family...

North Glenmore

View North Glenmore DetailsAll Listings in North Glenmore

Expansive views of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding mountains make South East Kelowna feel like the remote...

South East Kelowna

View South East Kelowna DetailsAll Listings in South East Kelowna

Located up on the South side of Kelowna and overlooking Okanagan Lake and many local vineyards, the Upper Mission neighbourhood provides family friendly options with newer homes....

Upper Mission

View Upper Mission DetailsAll Listings in Upper Mission

West Kelowna Estates lies just west of the bridge, and only five minutes from the West Kelowna city centre, in the foothills of the...

West Kelowna Estates

View West Kelowna Estates DetailsAll Listings in West Kelowna Estates

Lakeview Heights, in West Kelowna, is known for its beautiful views and larger...

Lakeview Heights

View Lakeview Heights DetailsAll Listings in Lakeview Heights

Perched on a sunny bench in West Kelowna is the Mission Hill neighbourhood, famous for its namesake winery. Mission Hill is ideally...

Mission Hill

View Mission Hill DetailsAll Listings in Mission Hill

The charming beach town of Peachland lies only a few minutes south of the hustle and bustle of the city. Its relaxed atmosphere, quaint village centre, and incredible lake views feel like a full-time...


View Peachland DetailsAll Listings in Peachland

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