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MF1 Zoned Homes 
Formerly RU7

What is it? and what are your options?

If you live in Kelowna North or Kelowna South you have had Realtors like me call and knock down your door regarding RU7 Zoning.   The City of Kelowna implemented RU7 zoning in 2016 in an attempt to densify the heart of Kelowna and relieve the extremely low vacancy rate of 0.2% (2017).  Now in 2024 all the properties have been rezoned to MF1, there have been a number of changes as a result to small scale multi unit housing legislation that is coming into effect June of 2024.  But as we await the new bylaws for that lets look at what is currently allowed.


There is a good chance your homes highest and best use is currently being underutilized based on the City of Kelowna's zoning guidelines.


Also known as infill housing or infill development, RU7 zoning allows for the development of a maximum of four dwelling units on selected properties with lane access in the central city. 


Options with RU7 zoned properties depend largely on the lot size. As each property is unique and rules have been known to change there may be some specific exceptions to the guide below. This guide is deemed to be accurate and correct however, cannot be guaranteed.


  • Lot Frontage between 25' and 44'| Allows for two dwellings to be built on it.

  • Lot Frontage between 44' and 49'| Allows for three dwellings to be built on it.

  • Lot Frontage with 50'+| Allows for four dwellings to be built on it.

  • The minimum lot depth is 100' for all lot widths.


 Buildings and Structures Permitted

(a) single detached house which may contain a secondary suite if the secondary suite was legally in existence prior to December 4, 2017.

(b) duplex housing

(c) semi-detached housing

(d) three-plex housing

(e) four-plex housing

(f) permitted accessory buildings or structures 



Development Regulations

(a) The maximum site coverage is 55% (b) The maximum floor area ratio is 0.8.

(c) The maximum height for residential buildings is the lesser of 8.0m or 2 storeys.

(d) The maximum height for accessory buildings or structures is 4.8m.

(e) The minimum site front yard is 4.0 m.

(f) The minimum site side yard is 1.2 m except it is 3.0 m from a flanking street. For lots 17.0m or wider, the minimum site side yard is increased to 2.0 m. i. Side yards are not required for semi-detached housing on a lot line that has a party wall.

(g) The minimum site rear yard is 0.9 m.

(h) Detached dwelling units must be separated by a minimum distance of 2.0 m. 


Other Regulations

(a) Where a site has access to a lane, vehicular access is only permitted from the lane. Otherwise, vehicular access may be taken from the front yard, or where a property has two street frontages, access shall be taken from the street frontage which is not the front yard.


Still not sure where your home fits in with all this information? Feel free to utilize my expertise, no obligation!


Give me a call or email to discuss your personalized options!



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RU7: Rental Process
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