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Working Backwards to move by the time you want to move

Looking at the monthly numbers over the last 3 years of how long a home takes to sell can help give you an idea of when to list your home to achieve the results you want.If you work backward's from when you want to be moved by it can indicate a good time to list your home to reach your goals.

If your goal is to be moved by September and allowing for 60 days for possession, your home typically should be sold sometime in July. Using the average days on market for July of (51) indicates listing your home sometime in May or June.

This is just a guide as there are a number of other external factors that would allow different outcomes and when looking at an analysis of a home, I work on estimating who the potential buyer would be and market the home to them.

Example: Young families with kids in school typically will want to be moved by the start of the school year.

I am always available, reach out if you have any questions or if you would like a consultation!

Have a great week!


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