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December 2022 Monthly Statistics

Total Sales

Sales in Central Okanagan were down to 187 total sales which was the lowest amount of sales per month, this however, is partly due to the normal seasonal slowdown. December 2018 had a total of 200 sales, the five-year average is 307 sales.

Active Listings

At the end of December, there were 1720 active listings which are down from 2120 in November. This is double what it was last year at this time at 883. Total listings are still low especially when you compare it with the 5-year average.

Days to Sell

The median days to sell in December 2022, crept up to 51 days from 40 in November. The 5- year average is 49 days which is not to far off for the time of year and keep in mind the people that relist are not accounted in this. The average days to sell was 61 which actually is down from the 5-year average of 68 days.

Months of Inventory

The overall months of inventory on the market right now is 9.2 months which is erring to the buyer’s market. The months of inventory have steadily increased in 2022 from the low in February of 1.58 months. Keep in mind the with the seasonal slowdown it is normal to increase this time of year.


Sales 91

New Listings 134

Current Inventory 850

Median Days to Sell 49

Average Days to Sell 63

Months of Inventory 9.34

Average Sale Price $1,099,276

Total Volume Sold $100,034,142


Sales 36

New Listings 37

Current Inventory 221

Median Days to Sell 56

Average Days to Sell 62

Months of Inventory 6.14

Average Sale Price $723,784

Total Volume Sold $26,056,235


Sales 47

New Listings 63

Current Inventory 374

Median Days to Sell 49

Average Days to Sell 49

Months of Inventory 7.96

Average Sale Price $525,740

Total Volume Sold $24,709,800

Community Connection

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