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Kelowna Real Estate Market

June 2021 Statistics

With summer now here and the Economy in BC moves into Phase 3, homes sales continue to be hot, however down from the spring rush that we saw in March and April. Overall in June, we are seeing a fewer amount of new listings come on the market but sales continue to be hot and overall inventory is declining. The low supply continues on keeping an upward pressure on prices right now.

  • 764 total sales in June. (Down from 800 Sales from May)

  • 1451 total active listings which is down from 3048 listings last June and down from1475 active listings in May

  • June median days to sell was 19 and the average days to sell was 31 which was exactly the same as May

  • 962 New Listings in June which was down from 1092 in May

Single Family Residential Homes

  • Single-Family Sales 398

  • New Listings 509

  • Current Inventory 703 (717 in May and 1370 last June)

  • Median Days to Sell 18

  • Average Days to Sell 27

  • Average Price $1,063,914 up from $754,717 Last Year

  • Median Price $890,000 up from $685,000 last year

Townhome Activity

  • Townhome Sales 100 (77 Last June)

  • New Listings 124

  • Current Inventory 163

  • Average Days to Sell 25

  • Median Days to Sell 17

  • Average Price $634,840

  • Median Price $607,500


  • Condo/Apt Sales 207

  • New Listings 230

  • Current Inventory 314

  • Average Days to Sell 33

  • Median Days to Sell 21

  • Average Price $442,089

  • MedianPrice $410,000

Have a great week and feel free to reach out if there is ever anything I can do for you! -Mark


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