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Real Estate Market November Statistics

Click above to watch a video for the real estate statistics for the month of November, and where there could be an opportunity right now for sellers and buyers.

For all of the Central Okanagan, sales have been slowing all year. Currently in November there was 255 total sales. With another rate increase slated for December, it is tough to know what will happen in the real estate markets across Canada.

  • 255 total sales in November. Which was down from 310 sales in October and down from last year's sales, of 567 sales last November.

  • 2,195 Total active listings, which is down from October of 2318 active listings.

  • November median days to sell stayed the same at 40 days and the average days to sell stayed the same at 55.

  • Based on the sales and the number of active listings, the current months of inventory is sitting at 8.27 months for the overall market which is well within the balanced market range.

Single Family Residential Homes

  • Single-Family Sales 127

  • New Listings 235

  • Current Inventory 1,105(1,214 in October)

  • Total Sold Dollar Value $144,450,020

  • Median Days to Sell 43

  • Average Days to Sell 57

  • Average Sale Price $1,137,405

  • Months of inventory 8.28

Townhome Activity

  • Townhome Sales 34

  • New Listings 73

  • Current Inventory 294

  • Total Sold Dollar Value $26,417,850

  • Average Days to Sell 51

  • Median Days to Sell 36

  • Average Price $776,996

  • Months of Inventory 8.65


  • Condo/Apt Sales 72

  • New Listings 142

  • Current Inventory 446

  • Average Days to Sell 51

  • Median Days to Sell 39

  • Average Price $537,024

  • Months of Inventory 6.19

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Have a great week and feel free to reach out with any questions!



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