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Kelowna April Market Statistics

April Stats

See the homes that have sold in the last 30 days by clicking the links at the bottom of the email.

  • 456 total Residential sales down 14% from 2018 of 520. There were 22% more sales in April 2019 vs March 2019.

  • 1,200 New Listings were taken. There are 3,453 total listings (up 26% from 2018, up 9% from March).

  • Median home sale price $635,000 (down 3.79% from April 2018)

  • Median apartment condo sale price $373,750 (up 9.93% from April 2018)

  • Median townhouse sale price $481,500 (up 1.69% from April 2018)

  • Median mobile home sale price $134,000 (down 21.75% from April 2018)

April Activity

Residential Homes

  • 191 Sales

  • 493 new listings

  • Current inventory at 1,153

  • 62 days on the market

Townhome Sales

  • 80 sales

  • 179 new listings

  • Current inventory at 433

  • 72 days on the market


  • 100 sales

  • 259 new listings

  • Current inventory at 618

  • 66 days on the market

Mobile Home

  • 22 sales

  • 52 new listings

  • Current inventory at 118.

  • 73 days on the market

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Drop Bike "Drops Out" On the heels of Drop Bike releasing they are not returning their bike-share program to Kelowna, Kelowna City council is proposing to change City Bylaws to allow better access and fewer regulations for bike-share programs. These changes are to expand the usability of the bike-share program and eliminate barriers for the users as it fits into the City Council's vision below.

  • Ensure value for public investment

  • Improve travel choices

  • Enhance travel affordability

  • Improve health

  • Improve safety

There is an expectation that with the City changes that some form of the bike-share program will be in Kelowna this summer. However, it could be a missed opportunity, Drop Bike picked up their bikes in sometime in November and likely will take a month at the earliest to get a new company in. See the Report to Council by clicking here (10 min read) See the Report to Council powerpoint (3 min read)

Moving day can be a drag—but these 10 tips will help prevent hiccups and ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. 1. Pick your moving day carefully Pay special attention to the day you choose to move and make sure it makes the most sense for everyone involved. Movers are typically busiest on weekends, at the start and end of each month, during the summer and on holidays. By being flexible with your moving day, you may be able to secure a better moving fee. If you're moving into an apartment or condominium building, find out if anyone else is moving in on the same day, and book an elevator in advance for a timeframe that works for your movers.

2. Use your move as an opportunity to lighten up Moving is the perfect time to edit your belongings. Decide what stays, what needs to be donated and what needs to be ditched. Consider hosting a yard sale to get rid of things and make a few bucks to help offset the cost of moving.

3. Create a to-do list Prioritize your tasks by making a list and take the time to ensure everything is on it. Go day by day, room by room, making sure every task and time is considered.

4. Measure the furniture to make sure it will fit in your new home — and through the doors The last thing you want to do is invest time, money and effort into moving furniture from your old house to your new one, only to find it doesn't fit. Avert inconvenience by measuring your furniture as well as the space where you'd like it to live in the new house.

5. Ask friends and family and local businesses for moving boxes Before spending money on boxes, ask friends, family and local businesses like liquor and grocery stores if they have any you can have. You can also search Craigslist; select "For Sale" and then "Free Stuff."

6. Use around-the-house items as moving boxes Suitcases, clean trash cans, and laundry baskets can also serve double duty as moving boxes, so fill them up with pieces before you pack them.

7. Label boxes clearly Speed up the unpacking process by labeling boxes with the room they belong in and what they contain.

8. Use garbage bags to pack clothes still on their hangers Taking clothing off of hangers, folding and packing, then unpacking and hanging them again when you move can be a time-consuming process. Save yourself the time and energy by keeping your clothing on hangers. Tie hangers together with twist-ties, then use the garbage bag like a suit bag to protect the clothing.

9. Take a picture Take a picture of the wires behind your TV or other electrical appliances so you can set them up easily in your new home.

10. Wrap your cutlery tray in plastic wrap No need to remove cutlery from its tray and carefully pack. Just wrap the entire tray filled with utensils tightly and securely with plastic wrap and transport it as is.

Information courtesy

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Kelowna Home Sales

  • Black Mountain

  • Crawford Estates

  • Dilworth Mountain

  • Ellison

  • Glenmore

  • North Glenmore

  • Joe Rich

  • Kelowna North

  • Kelowna South

  • Kettle Valley

  • Lower Mission

  • Upper Mission

  • McKinley Landing

  • Rutland North

  • Rutland South

  • South East Kelowna

  • Springfield/Spall

  • University District

West Kelowna Home Sales

  • Glenrosa

  • Lakeview Heights

  • Shannon Lake

  • Smith Creek

  • Westbank Centre

  • West Kelowna Estates

  • Westside Road

Peachland Home Sales

  • Peachland

Lake Country Home Sales

  • Lake Country

Manufactured Home Sales Townhome Sales Apartment Sales

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