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How much Apartment can you afford? Breaking it down by the area

See what the median sale price for apartment homes in each area was for 2019. Whether you are looking to purchase an apartment for personal use or as a rental the value map can give you an idea of what areas of town to look in. These stats are for all apartments sold for 2019. Curious about some other areas? get the full list here. Sub Area Sale Price, Median Big White $343,250 Dilworth Mountain $357,000 Glenmore $355,000 Kelowna North $402,850 Kelowna South $358,200 Lake Country East $311,000 Lake Country North $334,500 Lake Country South $295,000 Lakeview Heights

How much can you afford in Kelowna, West Kelowna?

See what the median sale price for single family homes in each area was for 2019. When looking at home values and how your home compares to the neighbour's homes that are selling in your area it is good to compare it with the median home price. Curious about some other areas? Check out the list below. Sub AreaSale Price, Median Big White $805,000 Black Mountain $737,500 Christian Valley / Westbridge $605,000 Crawford Estates $955,000 Dilworth Mountain $760,000 Ellison $550,000 Glenmore $679,000 Joe Rich

2019 Year in Review!

As we look back on 2019, it started out slow on the home sales front. Which was a hangover from the 2018 slow down (2018 was when speculations tax was brought into the Okanagan and the Government of Canada introduced the "Stress Test"). The hangover continued for 6 months as you can see in the chart below, the number of sales trended below the 2018 levels until July. where for the second half of the year it trended above 2018 level and at times on the monthly numbers for 2016 and 2017. 2019 Year in Review! As consumers come to terms with the new lending regulations and speculation tax, steady progress was made with regard to the number of sales. Happy New Year! -Mark

Working Backwards to move by the time you want to move

Looking at the monthly numbers over the last 3 years of how long a home takes to sell can help give you an idea of when to list your home to achieve the results you want.If you work backward's from when you want to be moved by it can indicate a good time to list your home to reach your goals. If your goal is to be moved by September and allowing for 60 days for possession, your home typically should be sold sometime in July. Using the average days on market for July of (51) indicates listing your home sometime in May or June. This is just a guide as there are a number of other external factors that would allow different outcomes and when looking at an analysis of a home, I work on estimating


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