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How much can you afford in Kelowna, West Kelowna?

See what the median sale price for single family homes in each area was for 2019. When looking at home values and how your home compares to the neighbour's homes that are selling in your area it is good to compare it with the median home price. Curious about some other areas? Check out the list below.

Sub AreaSale Price, Median

Big White $805,000

Black Mountain $737,500

Christian Valley / Westbridge $605,000

Crawford Estates $955,000

Dilworth Mountain $760,000

Ellison $550,000

Glenmore $679,000

Joe Rich $750,000

Kelowna North $605,000

Kelowna South $670,000

Kettle Valley $935,000

Lake Country East / Oyama $665,000

Lake Country North West $754,000

Lake Country South West $738,500

Lakeview Heights $725,000

Lower Mission $767,500

McKinley Landing $1,050,000

North Glenmore $631,700

Peachland $600,000

Rutland North $562,500

Rutland South $537,750

Shannon Lake $688,000

Smith Creek $630,000

South East Kelowna $757,250

Springfield/Spall $565,000

University District $735,000

Upper Mission $865,000

West Kelowna Estates $645,000

Westside Road $597,500

Wilden $900,000

Looking at the median home price vs the average home price tends to not factor in outliers into the amounts (example $2M home sold that's not common in the area can sku the numbers this is included in Average but not Median) as with median prices, half the sales will be above the amount and half will be below. When looking at averages it will include outliers Have a great week! -Mark

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