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Real Estate Market July 2021Statistics

Summer is now in full swing and the smoke unfortunately has settled in earlier than normal. The July real estate market showed a slowdown in sales but also active listings are down around ~45% of the normal amount of listings that we see at this time. Homes are still selling fast (and multiple offers) if priced correctly, but some are sitting a bit longer due to the asking price stretching the market.

  • 608 total sales in July. (Down from 763 sales in June and 731 from 2020)

Sidenote, if you are looking for a reprieve from the smoke, a colleague of mine was up at Big White and there were blue skies and no smoke.

  • 1378 total active listings which is down from 3027 listings last July and down from 1451 active in June.

  • July median days to sell was 24 and the average days to sell was 38

  • 746 New Listings in July which was down from 964 in June

Single Family Residential Homes

  • Single-Family Sales 258

  • New Listings 361

  • Current Inventory 666 (666 in June and 1286 last July)

  • Median Days to Sell 22

  • Average Days to Sell 33

  • Average Price $1,130,687 up from $898,822 last year

  • Median Price $923,750 up from $749,450 last year

Townhome Activity

Townhome Sales 100 (123 Last July)

  • New Listings 104

  • Current Inventory 138

  • Average Days to Sell 23

  • Median Days to Sell 16

  • Average Price $679, 678 ($550,230 last July)

  • Median Price $623,950 ($525,00 last July)


  • Condo/Apt Sales 177

  • New Listings 179

  • Current Inventory 274

  • Average Days to Sell 36

  • Median Days to Sell 22

  • Average Price $434,402 ($360,253 last July)

  • MedianPrice $409,900 ($338,500 last July)

Have a great week and feel free to reach out! -Mark

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